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North East Texas Phi Mu Alumnae
Becoming a Member


Becoming a Member
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Phi Mu wants to meet you!

How Can You Join?

If you live in the North East Texas Area and are a Phi Mu alumnae, we would love for you to join us! Please contact Laurie at


Sir Fidel's Top Ten Reasons for Becoming Involved in Our Local Alumnae Chapter. . .
10. Formal Business = Bunches of Fun
9.  You can tour East Texas by going to different events!
8.  Dues are much less.
7.  Meetings are few.
6.  Social gatherings are frequent.  And you don't have to take a bus.
5.  You can come to whatever activities interest you.
4.  You can meet other Phi Mus from all over the country.
3.  You can network with sisters in various professions.
2.  You get to help new local charities and our old favorites.
1.  Because once a Phi Mu . . . Always a Phi Mu!!!!